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m+m: for the microbiological purity of drinking water

Perfect is the enemy of good

This aphorism from Voltaire steers us in our day-to-day work, for we know the sensitive areas in which our products are used and what is expected of our filters.

Our XFIL exchangeable filter series set standards right from the start – in terms of both filter performance and service life. We secure our place among the leading providers by constantly conferring with our customers and with the companies with which we test and develop technology, materials and cost-efficient production processes.

In addition to the hygienic component, our products and services offer you economic and organisational benefits that won't put a strain on your budget or your staff:

  • the value-for-money of our XFIL exchangeable filters is second to none
  • the service life of up to 186 days significantly reduces replacement intervals and takes the strain off your organisation
  • m+m offers all the services you need in connection with the delivery and replacement of the XFIL exchangeable filters. This ensures above all that the filters are replaced at the right time.

m+m is innovative and constantly works on developing its products and the associated services. Our customers value our offering: consulting, technology, service.