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XFIL hand shower

Weighing only around 120 g, the XFIL module is ideal for use in showers in hospitals, care facilities and retirement homes. This model is wall-mounted in sports facilities and public baths in particular.

Robust design and reliable filter performance (up to 150 days).

XFIL deluxe shower head

Our deluxe shower head meets the expectations of those who value a combination of hygiene and aesthetics. With three water jet settings, it makes showering a pleasure for even the most discerning of users.

XFIL inline filter

The XFIL inline filter is the variant for use in connection with multifunctional shower heads. The filter is perfectly integrated into the inlet hose and is therefore not exposed to any direct retrograde contamination.

Attractive design and easy handling during use or when replacing the filter component.

XFILTap90 filter for hand basins

Simple installation on all standard hand basins, especially in operating theatres, medical practices and care facilities.

Graduated service life of up to either 31, 62 or 93 days, allowing you to select the right service life for each application.

The XFIL hollow-fibre membrane

The hollow-fibre membrane, the heart of the XFIL replaceable filter, provides a filter performance of up to 0.1 µm during the service life of up to 186 days specified for the relevant filter variant.

This means immense savings on maintenance and costs, especially for professional operators with many filters installed.

Respirator Face Mask Model type 1 / 3-ply

Respirator face mask type 1 - CE certified - Risk class I - Tested according to guideline EN14683:2019

Respirator Face Mask Model KN95 (without valve) / corresponds to FFP2

Respirator face mask KN95 / corresponds to FFP2 - GB2626-2006 certificate & CE Standard: EN149:2001+A1:2009